Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Corner View: Vegetable

Corner View: Vegetable Corner View is a weekly appointment - each Wednesday - created by Jane, where bloggers from all corners of the world share their view on a pre-arranged theme. If you'd like to join in, please leave a link to your Corner View post in the comments at the Corner View link, and be sure to visit other participants you'll find there too. Today's theme is "Vegetable" and it comes from Dana. It's part of a trilogy inspired by the game "animal, vegetable, or mineral?" (do you have it in your corner of the world?)"

Access to good, fresh food is a worldwide problem. Living in the verdant and richly soiled American South, with a long growing season, I have access to fresh food that is local and usually organic 9 months per year. Though I don't frequent the local Farmer's Market each week, I I never take for granted that it is there and the hard working farmers are offering a treasure to the people.

Comer Farmer's Market

Tomato plants in a friend's garden

Thank you for stopping by to see my virtual vegetables, and be sure to visit other Corner Views this week! :)


Victoria said...

I love visiting the farmers markets. So much inspiration. The farmers work so hard to produce such fabulously fresh and delicious fruit and veg that we are lucky to pick from every day at all the farmers markets around our city.

Alwasy great photograph opportunities too!

Elizabeth Prata said...

You're so right Victoria, about the photo opps. It is always fun to people watch. At our market there is always live music. Thanks for visiting.

likeschocolate said...

I love farmers markets because the quality is so much better than what you get in the store at times. I also like the idea of no middle man.