Thursday, June 21, 2012


What to do with the yellow squash? Make a version of ratatouille. Put in oil to cover the bottom of the pot, add chopped Vidalia onion, stir till golden brown. Then add the cubed yellow squash. I didn't peel it. Turn stovetop to medium low, add salt, cover and let simmer down till the juices are almost gone. Then add the green pepper, and when they are almost soft, the tomatoes. The tomatoes adds the juices back in. Part way though I added margarine.

To save electricity, I turn the stove off when the veggies are cooked through and just let the residual heat on the burner and the pot simmer and blend the flavors. I ate it with a slice of crusty bread. Yum! Lunch is served.

It is another hot day today, but we have been blessed with perfect weather and temperatures up till now. I've got the fan on but I might break down and turn on the AC. It is 87 degrees right now. Once temps get above 90, no amount of nighttime open window policy will let in enough cool air to sufficiently cool off the apartment. It starts over the next day already hot, and piling on is a dead end road I don't like to travel.

I'm starting a new book today, "Shadow of Ashland." The blurb goes, "As she is dying, Leo Nolan's mother asks him to find her brother Jack, who left home during the Great Depression and dropped out of sight. Leo's quest for his uncle takes him south to Ashland, Kentucky, where he discovers that the present lies in the unbreakable grip of the past."

Oh, the past, the past. I don't like to look at the past. I look to the future, because it is filled with heavenly delights. I look to the future so much I can totally understand Leonard Ravenhill's quote, "I'm convinced that the greatest thing about those Puritan preachers (is) they lived in eternity six days a week and came down to earth on the seventh!" But I still hope the book will be good. If it isn't I have four others on deck to give a try.

The construction at the school across the street is finally getting noisy. Hey, maybe one good outcome of turning on the AC is that with the windows shut I won't hear the jackhammers...

Have a good day everyone and stay cool on this long, longest summer day!

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