Saturday, June 02, 2012

Around the yard with my friends

What a gorgeous day!!! It was perfect! I spent some time in the swing and at the granite picnic table today. If you sit still for a short time, the birds, butterflies and squirrels come back full tilt. And boy were they active today! Here is my apartment--

This guy, I am not sure what but I think he is a jay due to the aggressiveness and raucous cry, would fly from several high perches, squawk, and fly to the next. He did this constantly -- protecting his territory I suppose.

The robins are more calm. Whachoo looking at, little guy?

The plethora of trees with low hanging branches and numerous shed roofs made for a racetrack around which three squirrels ran and screeched. Look, there goes one now!

From way across the yard, I spotted movement. Hey, it's a white butterfly!

I almost lost him as I glanced over there to check the chipmunk racing across the lawn. Oh, there is our white fluttery friend! Look how well he camouflages, despite being white.

Then he got up and flew again. This time I didn't make the mistake of taking my eyes off him. They're small, but fast!

As he hopped a short jump toward the gravel driveway he finally lay down his wings and I got a good snap.

I hope tomorrow is as cool and gorgeous as it was today. If not, that's OK! Today was perfect. I can't expect to have too many days like that in a row!

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