Tuesday, June 19, 2012

What to cook? Do I care?

A few days ago I made huge batches of things. I love having good, healthy cooked food available to just yank out of the fridge and reheat.

Alas, it is now all gone. But also gone is my energy to make stuff. I hope it comes back. I think I'll lie down while I'm waiting...

Here is an irony: every time I buy a bunch of bananas, they turn brown faster than I can get to eat them! Last week I bought a bunch of yellow bananas and then decided to use them to make banana muffins. Bananas need to be really brown and mushy for use in banana bread or muffin recipes. Since I decided to use them in a baking project, the bananas have somehow colluded with the browning chemical elements to stay their execution. They will not turn brown! The muffins will have to wait. That is good, because the energy to bake is still MIA.

I like routine. My cats do too. Apparently so do the birds. Every night a tiny bird comes and perches on the tree outside the front door, and tweets the loudest series of TWEETS you can imagine. I truly don't know how those tiny bird lungs can emit such an ear-shattering sound, but they do. And every night, my cats go crazy. The leap up, all four legs splayed out in finest cartoon-style, they run to the door and they try and catch the bird.

Ahhh, every day is a new day for them, isn't it! They always forget that they can never get the bird.

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