Sunday, June 10, 2012

Mustard greens

A friend of mine gave me a bunch of mustard greens. She hates mustard greens. Hates them with a passion. So why did she buy mustard greens? She thought they were collard greens.

So I ended up with them. Now, I like all greens, but mustard greens tend to be kind of strong tasting. Hmmm...what to do.

I steamed a bunch of potatoes in my steamer and took them out. I then boiled the mustard greens in the potato water plus a bouillon cube thrown in. I drained the greens and rinsed them in cold water. Meanwhile I sauteed Vidalia onion and when those were soft I added the steamed potato. I added salt and let the flavors blend. Since the potatoes were already cooked I didn't have to let it go long. When the mustard greens cooled I chopped them and added to the onion-potato mix along with some oil, covered and cooked covered on low.

I boiled up some quinoa, and when that was done, threw in three heaping tablespoons of the cooked quinoa to the potato-mustard green mix and squirted some lemon juice over it all. Cover and let simmer & set with the heat turned off.

I usually put too much, too much mustard greens, too much proportions are always off. So this time I paid attention and added only choice amounts of mustard greens or quinoa.

I tasted a bowl of this new mixture I just created, and it is good! I like it a lot. I would not leave out the lemon juice, it brings the dish together if you ask me.

Steamed carrots will later in the week become a cream of carrot soup with chopped mustard greens on top. I also will make a potato salad with the potatoes I didn't use. And the rest of the quinoa will become a salad with raisins. I don't know what else will go in the salad, but I know I want to try quinoa with raisins.

Tonight is the next episode of Design Star, which I enjoy. Being Sunday, the proverbial and much vaunted afternoon nap will likely be taken. Have a restful Sunday everyone.

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