Saturday, June 16, 2012

Some favorite photos

This is one stylish dog! It was at a library book sale about ten years ago. I almost missed seeing the dog against the lady's sweater print and the print on the bag. So cute! So tiny!

Lichen in Downeast Maine. I like the various shades of greenish blue.

Pampas grass at the end of a driveway in Georgia.

Did I post this already? I can't remember, lol.  A lonely shack.
Today is a fresh, gorgeous, sunny day. When morning temps are below 60 degrees, I know the day will not be too hot. Isn't it a luscious feeling to have fresh, pre-dawn air wafting over you as you draw up the blanket to your neck? Cool but not cold. Refreshing but not chilly. Ahhh...summer mornings.

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