Sunday, May 08, 2011

I'm almost to the moon!

LOL! I read today and was treated to a photo of a dashboard, with the odometer highlighted. Above the dash was a display of stars --

The caption read:
"CHECK YOUR ODOMETER: "On the eve of International Astronomy Day, 2011, my 1998 Jeep Cherokee Sport passed a major milestone," reports astrophotographer Dennis Mammana of Borrego Springs, California. "Its odometer flipped over to 186,282 miles; in other words, it's taken 13 years and 8 months for my Jeep to travel the distance a beam of light can cover in just one second."

I'd posted a few days ago that my 1993 Ford SUV clicked over to 211,111. The distance to the moon is 238,840 mi.
I'm almost there!!

In other astronomical news, I'd posted a couple of months ago that I had seen a sun halo. Yesterday Space weather posted an extraordinary photo of a complex sun halo. The caption said ""It was one of the brightest and most complex displays of sun haloes I have seen in 25 years of observing," reports Philippe Mollet, who took this picture:" Read the spaceweather entry for astronomical explanation of how these haloes form and why.

Here is my halo again. It was so big, that though I was lying down on the ground I could not get the entire halo into the picture.

The skies are amazing and wonderful!

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