Sunday, May 22, 2011

Sunday night heat

The bluejays are squawking out my window. Wonder what they are on about. "You are getting on my last feather!" "Well, you ate my last seed!" LOL.

It is very hot here, the high today was 95 and it is still 94 at 6:15 pm. It's pretty early in the season to be so hot and that is a bit aggravating. Hey, maybe the blue jays are hot, too.

I am listening to John Prine radio on Pandora, "This guitar is for sale." I like Prine but can only take small doses, he gets so melancholy. Now it's Simon and Garfunkel, The Boxer, 1969. I used to think that was such a deep song when I was 9. But hey, I know all the words so on we go.

Tomorrow we have a classified staff breakfast at the big lunchroom at Colt Academy, and that will be nice. Our Kindergarten wing also has a luncheon at a K-teacher's house because we are saying good bye to some staff on our team. They will have new assignments next year, so the team will be broken up and a new team will be formed. It will be really nice to have lunch together and I'm looking forward to it. In between and afterwards I will be cleaning out our classroom and helping to clean the common areas of the school. We have a long checklist to accomplish but we have several days to do it. We have five days of post-planning this year due to the snow we received in January. Three of these days are make-up days which were originally going to be two days.

Here is something I thought was hilarious on Cute Overload:

So we can never say, "yeah, when sloths fly!" eh? Have a good week!

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