Thursday, May 19, 2011

It's almost time to plant

Well, it's past time to plant, but school is almost out and I will have some time to devote to my three pots, lol. There have been changes since last year. My front door used to have two sides where bushes and plants and pots were and could go. This year, the left side has been paved over by the landlord. I understand the need to do that, I guess, but I miss the huge and lovely five o'clock flower bush that used to be there,

And the beautiful rose bush,

and now it looks like this,
I had planted morning glories under the wrought iron hanger, and had trained them to wind up all over it and to the awning. Now those flowers are gone too. I'll buy some smaller pots to put on the shelves of the hanger, which secretly is a CD rack I'd gotten free at a yard sale and simply hung up as a planter holder.

Good news, though. The hummingbirds have discovered the feeder. And one lone morning glory had transplanted itself under the feeders by the tree,

I'll make it look pretty. I promise.

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