Tuesday, May 31, 2011

I went outside today

When school ended Friday afternoon, I came home, slept for three hours, and have not emerged from this apartment except to put kitty litter in the garbage, ever since. This morning I decided I probably needed an airing out and went to do some errands.

In the summer, thinking is different, Rather than cram every minute with productivity so that everything that needs to get done, gets done, in the summer you have to do the opposite. Each task is carefully placed upon a particular day of the week, so that there is a touchstone for the day and something productive to then revolve around. You have to spread it out. Today was errands. Tomorrow will be vacuuming and laundry. The next day I plan to plant my seeds in pots and make a little garden over there on the cement next to my front door. Friday will be Danielsville for grocery shopping and the Library. Saturday will be cooking, and Sunday at church. I don't know what I will do next week, except likely repeat the cycle. And I'll do that 8 more times and then it will be school again!

I went to the gas station, Post Office, ATM, Dollar Store for two items, and then the fruit stand. That was my favorite part. Ralph has fresh Georgia peaches, and I also bought the last of the early summer strawberries. A pound of little potatoes ("dug today!") a tomato and a yellow squash completed the happy produce buying.

Feeling virtuous, and hot, I came home. By 10:30 the temps were already 92 and climbing, so I happily entered my cool and cozy apartment, to further my day by study, writing, and reading. Ahhh, summer.

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MTVA said...

Yes, in the summer heat it's a few necessary things done in the early morning, and then not too much else! I'm trying not to use AC much, to keep costs down, but this house really heats up - yesterday was 90 upstairs. On Saturday I found out the AC in car is broken, that's in for repair today - it's too unbearable in the hot car in the hot sun without AC! Well, this is why I like freezing fruits for summer eating, helps to keep one cool. Grapes are wonderful frozen, and next I want to try freezing orange sections. And the frozen mashed banana does not get brown, go on and try some! Have fun with your gardening, I've been out there planting almost every day, so nice to go out and pick a few things for supper later in the summer. Stay cool!