Friday, May 06, 2011

Moon, alas, and a shaky hand

I tried to get a good shot of the moon but having no tripod or car to lay it on the night exposure means it will be blurry. The camera really needs to be still, and I guess holding my breath isn't enough. But it was a crisp night and the sliver looked so bright...

Today at work was a lovely day. Field Day to be exact, spent outside on the field playing with kids as they rotated from station to station. In one, they carried a dry sponge from one side of the field to another where they dunked it in a bucket of water and ran back, wrang it out into a bucket, and handed it to the next kid. It was fun, but then Coach said (wink wink) here is a coffee can, that will be easier to bring lots of water back, but you have to hold it over your head as you run'. The can actually had holes all around the rim and as they held it aloft it sprinkled water on their heads. Of course they thought this was hilarious.

What was even funnier was about half an hour later, one boy felt his previously wet shirt and said, "Hey, it's dry now!" He thought that it was a miracle or something.

The parachute always is a big hit. They hold it up and shake it and shake it and try and get all the balls on it to drain down the hole in the middle of the parachute. And the coup de grace is the moment when they can throw it high and then slam it down with them inside. They think they died and went to heaven.

After that was hot dogs and apples and chips and milk, and then recess, then a movie. Toy Story 3. "The Clawwww!" By then they were wobbling in their seats, eyes at half mast, insisting 'no, I'm not tired."

A good day at school, all in all. Fun under the sun.

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