Monday, December 29, 2008

We're in a Depression now

Remember, a bare few weeks ago Bush was insisting we were not even in a recession. Now there is an explosion of articles questioning or declaring that we are not only in a Depression but that it will likely be worse than the first one. Also, the end times prophecies tell us that the times will be hard, and I'm talking HARD.

Worse than the Great Depression
Second Great Depression in Detroit
Was 2008 the beginning of another Great Depression?
The Subprime Crisis and the Great Depression – How Similar Are They?

So, it's time to alter usual behavior. Cut back. I suggest strongly that it is time to think about putting in a garden. I have been researching garden items for my area and herbs too. As soon as I catch up with my landlord I'll ask him if I can put one in. If not I'll do it at a friends' house who lives very close, who has already offered.

I am using the God-given sunshine here in this warm-weather state to dry my clothes. It's 70 degrees here today and the first sun we have had n a week and a half, not that I am complaining about the rain! No way. We're in a drought. But taking advantage of what is available and free is number one in a Depression. As Depression Cooking with Clara said in one of her early videos, "anything to save anything" She as talking about, when your food has reached a boil or to a certain point, turn off the stove and let it finish cooking in its own heat. Saves gas/electricity. Anything to save anything, remember! Caption: Laundry getting dry on a sunny day. notice the hay bales, lol.

I have stopped all unnecessary spending, and I have stopped all unnecessary driving.

I found this great list of 61 things to do with baking soda. I happened upon it because I like to keep my tub clean but don't like to use poisons. Not only for the environment but because my two kittens insist on playing in the tub and in drinking from the drain. I do not want them drinking poison. Baking soda and vinegar are great, natural cleaners and do many other things around a house. Finding inexpensive, readily available alternatives for poisonous cleaning agents is a good idea in any economy.

Uses for vinegar
61 uses for baking soda

So that is a beginning. Has your behavior changed to reflect the reality of the new economy? It has for many folks around here. An article in our local paper: "Economy has many Madison Countians reluctantly asking for government aid." How about you? What are you doing to save?


Anonymous said...

Dryers are for idiots. They're bad for your power bill. They're bad for the environment (by wasting electricity). They're really bad for your clothes. A truly useless invention, when it's really easy to just hang your clothes on the line, or, hang them in the house on a rainy day. My wood stove does a great job drying mine indoors. Seems I read somewhere that, on average, a dryer uses more energy than any other appliance. Hang your clothes on the line, people!

Elizabeth Prata said...

I agree! Another reason to be war of dryers is mold. Dryers contrbute pounds and pounds of moisture to the home, and if it is not vented properly it will accelrate any mold or mildew issues the home may have.

The dryer I use is just steps way in a detached garage, so I am glad of that. But Anon, you're right, the dryer chews up a LOT of electricity and dulls the clothes. Mine end up with either oil/grease spots here and there, or little holes.

Anonymous said...

Oh, did mention clothes dry faster on the line? It's true. At least on a sunny, breezy day.