Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Well I voted. But I don't feel great about it

The Senate race runoff between Saxby Chambliss and some Democrat or other is today. Because more than two candidates ran for the GA Senate seat and none earned over 50%, there had to be a runoff between the top two vote-getters. That meant that Chambliss, (R-Incumbent) and Jim Martin (D) are squaring off. But the stakes are high: staving off Chambliss and earning a seat in the Senate makes the tally for a filibuster-free, party-hearty Democrat Senate nearly complete. They are two votes shy of the 60 needed to thwart Republican filibusters (Minn. race is still unsettled...recount contunes apace).

So this is it! However, Chambliss voted for the bailout and that angered me. So did his pathetic letter explaining why ... but a Democrat super-majority in the Senate...shudder! So I voted Chambliss back in. But I don't feel great about it.

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