Thursday, December 11, 2008

My alma mater high school band chosen to march in inaugural!

1300 applications for 70 spots, and the East Greenwich High School Avengers marching band was picked! Way to go Avengers musicians! EGHS was a great High School. I got a very good education there and I have valued it ever since I graduated in 1978, oh my goodness, 30 years ago!

East Greenwich High band to march at Obama inauguration

The East Greenwich High School Avengers band has been invited to be in President-elect Barack Obama's inaugural parade. The inaugural committee extended an offer to the schools' band to march in the 56th Inaugural Parade, according to a news release. School marching bands from around the country and representatives of the armed forces will appear in the parade down Pennsylvania Avenue following Obama's swearing-in on the Capitol steps on Jan. 20."I am honored to invite these talented groups and individuals to participate in the Inaugural Parade," Obama said in the statement. "These organizations embody the best of our nation's history, diversity and commitment to service. Vice President-elect Biden and I are proud to have them join us in the parade." Some 1,382 organizations applied to participate. Those wishing to be in the parade submitted an application to the Armed Forces Inaugural Committee, which then helped the Presidential Inaugural Committee to review applications.

A group of military musicians helped assess the presentation skills of marching bands, musical acts and drill teams. Parade participants are responsible for paying for their own lodging and transportation to and from Washington, D.C. The Committee has been working closely with area governments and civic organizations to facilitate access to affordable accommodations and would like to encourage citizens from across the country to reach out and help the East Greenwich High School Avenger Band raise the necessary resources to participate in this historic event.

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