Saturday, December 20, 2008

food, timely advice from 1918 war booklet

My friends run a local online newspaper, MaineHomeTownNews. They just put up this awesome 1918 booklet about food. See scanned clip on left.

The original story at their site, "1918 war booklet offers timely advice" offers timeless advice good for today's family as well. There are more photos and great food advice at the original story. Do visit the link!

I published "Depression Cooking with Clara" a while back, too, a charming three-part series of cooking vignettes by a 90-year old woman named Clara who shares memories of the Great Depression while fixing a typical Depression meal.

Here are some Depression tips from Grandma. And also a while back I posted an entry on Victory Gardens. Save, be frugal, don't waste. And have a good day!

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