Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Looks Like Harmonic Tremors at Yellowstone Super Volcano

The unusual and concerning quake reports out of Yellowstone has everyone looking at seismographs until their eyes bug out. The unusually long and pointed earthquake swarm occurring since Dec. 26th has transformed into harmonic tremors, which the red circle depicts.

"It has been reported and noted by the USGS that an earthquake swarm has been occurring under Lake Yellowstone since December 26th. The attached webcorder display shows that after the tremor swarm activity died down this evening a new pattern of potential classic harmonic tremors has started and continues at the time of this posting. Harmonic tremors could mean lava is now moving under the Yellowstone super volcano."

"The USGS has made no updates since these tremors began."
Yellowstone webcorders can be accessed @

"There have been more earthquakes than usual centered under the ancient Yellowstone Supervolcano's Caldera and the small quakes are enough that that has scientists concerned about a huge eruption from Yellowstone. Researchers are stumped as to why the earthquakes are stronger than usual."

"A report from Gene Byrd notes, "The park has thousands of earthquakes each year but these have researchers concerned and the report notes that they have long predicted that the Yellowstone supervolcano will eventually erupt again."

There is always a lot of seismic activity in and around the Yellowstone caldera. What is different this time are the length of the swarm, the absence of the tremors relating to a known fault, the fact that it is under the lakebed, the rising ground where the alleged magma bulge is, and they are extremely shallow. The BBC produced a series called "End Day", showing in movie form a la Ground Hog day, the same man awakening to the last day on earth, each time the earth ends differently. The six most likely scenarios are the backdrop, and one of these likeliest are the Yellowstone Supervolcano eruption. The clip intersperses scientific information in between the storylines. It's 9 min. I don't think Yellowstone Supervolcano is going to erupt yet, but what do I know. It has caught the interest and attention of scientists worldwide, though.


Seven Star Hand said...

Hello Elizabeth,

Want a truly disturbing insight?
Read what I posted before the quakes started.
I know it's not your standard fare, but I did post this before these events, and it's not the first time. This is an unequivocal warning.

Here is Wisdom...

Anonymous said...

I am not an alarmist, but I have an interest and a bit of knowledge about this subject. What concerns me is that this swarm is right on top of the caldera in a location of a 2000ft long bulge, there are harmonic tremors, and we haven't had any official statements from USGS in 3 days. From what I know, we are in the final stage before some sort of eruption. Lucky for us is that is just a guess because we don’t have enough real science about it to be sure, "I HOPE".

Elizabeth Prata said...

I agree with you Anonymous. Thanks for posting. I'm not an alarmist either but looking at hard data says that something is going on. Like you said, taking into consideration all the data in context, coupled with USGS's cessation of bulletins on the day the harmonic tremors began...

On the other hand, this level of activity could go on for months, so, like you say, we can't be sure so "I HOPE" nothing untoward comes of this.

BTW i posted another update, it's at the top of the page. See what you think.

Brandon Riesenbeck said...

Harmonic tremors have started to show up again tonight (1-1-2009).

Take a look at the seismograph from the YML_EHZ_WY ( Mary Lake, Yellowstone Park, WY ):

Some people are using the argument that a much large swarm occurred in 1985 and there was no eruption.

However, would I be correct in saying that they did not pick up harmonic tremors AND those occurred away from the lake near a fault line and so therefore, these situations are different?

Elizabeth Prata said...

I agree, these also look harmonic:

and from what little I know having read up on this but being no scientist: yes the swarm is unusually shallow, unusually intense, unusually long in duration and it is now accompanied by harmonics. Also the bulge has increased in height three inches a year for the last three years, where previously it had not raised at all.

Anonymous said...

Hi Elizabeth

Nice to see some of us are staying alert to the possibilities.

Interestingly, there is also abnormal activity around 40 miles south of the lake at Flagg Ranch. This is the only monitor in the Teton range that is showing activity.

After evaluating data by seismic intensity, a very clear picture is emerging of quiet areas of almost no activity to the north and east of the caldera and the area of highest seismic activity (constant harmonic tremors, short interval) on monitors all around the lake edge, going south to Flagg Ranch, extending WNW just beyond the caldera and NE, again just a little ways out of the caldera. Areas of medium activity are, as expected, generally between areas of high and areas of low activity. ALL monitors within the caldera are showing "hot" or "medium" activity.

WHY are no precautionary evacuations being initiated, at least for the park itself? I am reporting from England. My colleagues are as concerned as I am. We have NO media reports on these events over here whatsoever. I can't believe this!

We have JUST seen another swarm of quakes, with 3 quakes at 3.0 and higher inside of 11 minutes.

Check this link:

Look at the quake list below. They DO seen to be getting shallower. The magma is moving, possibly upwards.

Watching the data recorders with bated breath and VERY sweaty palms..

Hit "Reload" every 10 minutes or so for updates.

These ARE harmonic tremors. Magma is moving under the lake.

I, for one, am extremely concerned.

Elizabeth Prata said...

ShropshireLass this is ALL great information! I am so grateful for all the links.

I'll go check them out...It is hard to know whether to be concerned because of so much conflicting reports from people in authority and also because no one has ever tracked a supervolcano precursors before

Buzza Shuck said...

Hello Elizabeth,

I believe you will find the article on this web-site very interesting. And related to the present Tremors at Yellowstone.

Many are questioning the decline of the honeybee..there are two distinct collapse disorders..

The word has to get out soon...

Take the time ...there is much instore for this old world in these last days.. Man has been a poor steward of God's creation.

God Bless You,