Friday, December 05, 2008

Kitten attractors: leather and plants

My kittens have been getting where I don't want them to go. Luke loves the plant atop my highest bookcase, which I had to bring in when it turned cold. I've tried several blockades but he blew through them all. Yesterday afternoon I get home and another blockade is on the floor; a huge basket and an oversized box of Corn Flakes. Apparently they were no match for his kitten curiosity. All the lower leaves on this plant are now eaten. It could pass easily for a Charlie Brown Christmas tree!

Bert has gotten a taste for leather. I saw him sticking his head in the cubby where I throw my leather backpack a few times. I thought he was going after a spider or a bug. No, turns out the straps all have kitty teeth bites up and down. So THAT'S what he does at night! And last night I forgot to put my Bass shoes in the closet and today I went to put them on and the leather laces are an inch apiece: the remainder chewed up in a little pile next to the shoes. LOL

I love my kitties!

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Anonymous said...

There are no stuffed animals for long in my house. My dog -a chihuaha- seeks them out and destroys them. I have warned the kids that if they have any that are special to them, move them where the dog can't find them or she will rip the stuffing out of them.