Wednesday, December 24, 2008

A quiet morning

Here it is Christmas 2008. In these parts of Northeast Georgia, the day is cold and gray so far. It is not as cold as it has been, though. The last few days have been well below freezing, into the twenties, and that is cold for here.

I look at the news and I am so grateful I moved here in 2006. It is a never ending delight no escape the snow, to enjoy green grass so much of the year. Never to scrape the ice from my car or shovel snow in the driveway. Wearing a light jacket, if that, and putting on only one layer of clothes for work. Today the forecasted temps are due to rise into the upper fifties.

Speaking of work, I am off until January 6. School vacation is a good long time this year due to the way the holidays fall. I am using the time to get chores done, to visit with some older friends, and to relax and read, make collages and get caught up on Christmas movies.

I just polished off an egg-white/bagel sandwich and fruit salad. (grapes and orange segments). I am sipping weak coffee with a good dose of Cremora, and it is steaming quietly and comfortingly by my laptop. WGBH Boston All Classical Music is streaming Brahms piano and it is so beautiful...

Reading the news at Christmas is always an exercise in futility, simply not much is happening. Which is a good thing. However, I found my new favorite phrase of the day in Forbes, in an article entitled "Good-bye, Gentry," highlighting the growing liberal opposition to the notion of Caroline Kennedy's potential nomination for Hillary Clinton's seat:
The proposed investiture of Caroline Kennedy as the replacement senator for Hillary Clinton has inspired a surprising degree of opposition--at least from other claimants to the throne, such as the Cuomos, and from those obstreperous parvenus, the Clintons.
Isn't that just wonderful? "obstreperous parvenus." Oh my, some people sure can turn a phrase!

As I went around doing my errands yesterday in Danielsville I saw this fat hawk. He was perched on a lone wire strung across the edge of a field across from a daycare. A man piking up his daughter and I watched the hawk for a few moments, and the man said the hawk likes to watch for field mice and pick out his dinner. At first I thought it was an owl because it was so big, but upon getting out of the car and seeing the spotted wings and the lack of "ears" I was momentarily disappointed. But the hawk is a great bird too and I enjoyed seeing its stillness and intensity as he looked for his supper.

Till next time, stay safe, sane, and have a Merry Christmas!

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