Monday, October 06, 2008

This is just so wrong

Increasingly, we read disturbing articles about Barack Obama's messiah-like qualities. How he can "mesmerize" a crowd, and about the euphoric effects of being in his presence. There is even a spoof blog, in which a recent blog entry was entitled Precious Children Sing to Our Glorious Leader! in which children at the Colburn school (a 501-c-3, which does not allow political activity or they lose their tax exempt status, by the way) were recruited by a music teacher and Hollywood types to produce a propaganda video at the teacher's home using children to sing Obama's praises for political gain. This did not go unnoticed, being so creepy. Other shades of Hitler Youth surfaced immediately on the internet, old 1930's clips came up on YouTube showing glowing children's faces singing praises and hymns to their glorious leader, Hitler. It's not such a stretch if you watch the clips from today and the old ones side by side.

And this weekend we have clips of inner city youth marching in formation, in school, wearing military cammo, chanting and praising their glorious leader, Obama. Worse, they pray to his name, and call him "Alpha and Omega." For the folks out there reading this who don't know the bible, only GOD is the Alpha and the Omega. He says so in Revelation 2:13: ""I am the Alpha and the Omega, the first and the last, the beginning and the end."

Apparently the Assistant Dean was contacted, who said that this "regiment" was stopped because the school was uncomfortable with a teacher pushing his political agenda. Oy. Like that is even a question.

Using children for political gain is terrible. Using them to sing praises to and worship a political candidate is blasphemy. Have we learned nothing from history?


Anonymous said...

What's so wrong about some children performing a step show? We performed routines like this all the time when I was in school. It shows creativity. You comparison to "Hitler youth" (what?!?) is way off base. Hitler Youth were all about military and nationalism. These kids are singing about being inspired to have a career and health care for all...what's wrong with that?

If you object to militant nationalist military youth groups, we do have them in the schools, almost every school I believe. They're called ROTC. And you and I would agree that having nationalist military youth groups should not be allowed in our schools.

Step shows, however, I have no problem with. As a matter of fact, many schools have step show teams, and this is what this appears to be: a step show team.

I don't care if Obama inspires these children to do something with their lives, or if Michael Jordan, John McCain or Winnie the Pooh...I'm glad they're doing something positive and have a positive role model. Also, they have every right to create and perform their step show as they see fit. If the teacher tried to stop them, that teacher would be out of line. Putting images of minors on the internet is the violation here, not the performance, and that is why the teacher was suspended and rightfully so.

Elizabeth Prata said...

Let me count the ways, O Ye Of Lowest Standards:

Children at school engaging in:
--partisan political activities
--children at school praying to a politician
--children at school calling a politician a name reserved for God

If this was done to make kids feel better about themselves, why do it in the name of Obama? Why not encourage kids to believe in the power of themselves? Hitler inspired youth too, whereupon they took to military formations and chanted his name. Called him Lord. And look where that got them.

There's a difference between admiring a role model and praying to an idol.

Minimize it all ya want, but it's wrong.