Friday, October 31, 2008 always worth the sacrifice

Wow! PLEASE take just a moment to watch this political ad. It is 1:55 and worth it. I like this one especially because there is a video going around where you can put yourself into the video. Everybody is agog and loving the fact that you can 'see yourself' in it. In the video below, there are no gizmos, it's only a simple statement of an ad, showing a soldier speaking who put himself on the line... for me. Big difference.


Anonymous said...

As an ex-Marine (23 years), I have to say this young soldier is to be commended for his sacrifice for his country. However, he either doesn't understand or chooses to ignore a basic fact that while it may be great idea to think that the U.S. can go and attempt to spread our influence in other countries like Iraq, we simply cannot afford to do so. Iraq is a particularly bad example considering the manufacture of false evidence by our President to justify the start of the "war" (I don't believe war has ever officially been declared, and that is another problem) to begin with. Under this soldier's naive thinking, we could now go into Iran, Syria, Saudi Arabia (an ally!), North Korea, China, Russia, numerous South American countries, etc. to make these countries live more like the United States. There are a couple of problems with this way of thinking: 1. The people in those countries may not want to live like the United States. 2. The United States doesn't have the money or military to accomplish these dubious goals. The incursion into Iraq and the expense of this militart operation is the number one reason all of the American people are currently experiencing something akin to the Great Depression. Is it worth it? No to me. I have seen war and conflict and far worse things than the loss of one's legs. After these experiences I would prefer to see our money go towards helping people, not getting people disfigured and maimed and killed. Just my thoughts.

Elizabeth Prata said...

thank you for posting. I agree with you in all points.

However, I think the point the soldier was making is that since they did go in and fight, to not then turn around and dismiss the sacrifice the soldiers made. And he was saying that was what Obama was doing: dismissing or even mocking their sacrifice by calling it a mistake.

The war was trumped up and perhaps we should not be there and definitely we cannot afford it...but let's not call it a mistake...let history be the judge to do that