Thursday, October 16, 2008

Some DemObamacrats really fry me

This particular brand of liberals, this despicable brand of blog lurker, thus shameful kind of demobamacrat, really fry me. I had posted about how Obama's unguarded teleprompter-free moment had produced a series of statements that reveal his innermost thinking. How, in response to Joe the Plumber asking the candidate a question, Obama said that he isn't trying to punish the small business owner, but [he's going to anyway] by seeing to it that those behind Joe The Plumber share some success by "spreading the wealth." In my post I had asked, "How do you feel about Obama saying we must spread the wealth?"

Redistribution of wealth is a socialistic school of thought. The NY Post called it a "Robin Hood Warning Shot." It was THE significant moment of the Obama campaign and it galvanized the country into intense discussions in under half a day.

The reply I received to my post from an anonymous liberal who is all too transparent, was that Joe the Plumber is a liar. Yes, the commenter said that Joe must be a fibber. "I think Joe probably fibbed about his income. He probably didn't think he would end up in the middle of the debate and get called on it. Uh-oh, Joe. All your friends and relatives are calling to hit you up for some of that dough!"

I find this kind of civic debate offensive in the extreme. The commenter chose not to respond to the issues, nor to my post, but to crap all over the person who is a model of civic duty, out there at the campaign stump personally taking the time to ask the candidate questions. No, acording to the liberal commenter, this man must be a liar. Worse, he went on with a snarky comment that had nothing to do with anything. As Michelle Malkin said,

"Brace yourself, Joe. The Obama Thugocracy is gunning for you. But what they don’t seem to understand is that even if Joe was John McCain’s long lost son and a huge donor to the GOP, or not even a plumber, it would not matter at all because what was shocking about the video was not what Joe the Plumber said. Joe the Plumber is not going to be making tax policy. What was shocking and more relevant than anything else that has been said in the entire campaign is what Barack Obama said. He told Joe that it is okay to soak those making more than $250,000, even small businesses making that, because then you can “spread the wealth” around and everyone benefits. That is redistribution of wealth — taking from the rich (and from the kinda rich) and giving to the not so rich and the poor. And Obama admitted to it. Out loud. And on video."

Is she ever right.

It is this low level of behavior, this mindless defaming and smearing of a private citizen who asked a question that really gets my goat. Shame on you for your hateful rage and endless attacks on anyone and everyone who has an opposing point of view! Go away, demobamacrat, for you weary me with your heartlessness.

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