Thursday, October 09, 2008

Obama is a socialist

Several months ago, long before Obama won the candidacy for the Democratic party, I said he is a Marxist-Socialist. I was pooh-poohed. Now there are more than a few people coming around, saying the same thing.

New documents have been revealed. According to Blogger Newtork: "Democratic candidate Barack Obama was a member of the socialist New Party during the 1990s, according to new evidence unearthed by web bloggers, receiving the New Party’s endorsement for his state Senate run in 1996. Reports earlier this summer that Obama was associated with the New Party were vigorously denied by the Obama campaign and the the New Party, but researchers examining Internet archives have found New Party documents clearly indicating Obama was a member of the party, received its endorsement, encouraged Party members to work with him in the Illinois statehouse, and signed a contract agreeing to maintain a relationship with the Marxist-led party during his senate term." More proof here. And here.

Unfortunately the entire country has gone socialist, so Obama's socialism is no longer distinctive. Still, it's nice to be proven right.

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