Friday, October 03, 2008

Palin won the debate

Drudge poll:

BIDEN 30% 76,758
PALIN 68% 173,230
NEITHER 2% 4,245
Total Votes: 254,233

I can't say it any better than Michelle Malkin said it:

"Sarah Palin is the real deal. Five weeks on the campaign trail, thrust onto the national stage, she rocked tonight’s debate."

"Pause to reflect on this: She matched — and trumped several times — a man who has spent his entire adult life on the political stage, run for president twice, and as he mentioned several times, chairs the Senate Judiciary Committee."

"Sarah Palin looked presidential.
Joe Biden looked tired.
Sarah made history.
Biden is history."

"Prediction: Watch for a whole new, severe strain of Palin Derangement Syndrome to begin tonight. They hated her before tonight. They are going to pour on more unfathomable hate at a level we have never seen before."

"Sarah, we’re praying for you."


Anonymous said...

I thought Palin did reasonably well if she had been giving a speech. My problem was that she didn't actually answer the questions. And McCain and Palin, disappointingly to me at least, don't seem to have any differences with Bush...and look where THAT has gotten us.

All the polls that only feature independent or undecided voters show that Biden won, although Palin exceeded expectations. Palin really needed to hit a homerun, though, and not say anything stupid. I cringed when she said, speaking about John McCain, "...he is the man we need to LEAVE" then she paused and said, "uh, lead." Ouch...Freudian slip?

I'm ticked at McCain. If he had chosen Huckaby or Romney we wouldn't be behind in the polls and we wouldn't be having this conversation. McCain would be up by at least 10 points. He gambled when he didn't need to. Palin's troopergate coverup is going to come out at just the wrong time, and McCain will be in the position of having to explain / apologize for her again. We Republicans have got to pull together.

Elizabeth Prata said...

I heard plenty of specificity in her answers. At least as specific as Biden's. What I like about Palin though is that she has principles, convictions, and sticks with them through policy decisions. Biden wafts with the wind. Look as his waffling since coming on board with Obama. You can check here

She did hit a homerun, standing toe to toe with a polished politician of great age and experience, and beating him in some questions and he doing well in others.

The poll at drudge (independent) show she won. All others are biased. Cnn, Msnbc, Fox.

It's "Huckabee." Not Huckaby. How do you like his new TV show?

The polls for president are a dead heat.

"We" republicans?. You sound more like a Democrat. Anyway, what do we need to do to "pull together"?

Anonymous said...

I was referencing the independent polls at RealClearPolitics...and, well, almost any other poll other than the one you cited shows most people thought Palin lost. She insulted our troops and commanders when she got wrong both the commanding general in Afghanistan's name and position. Shameful. In all polls, independent and undecided voters thought she lost. She did lose. She didn't answer the questions. I hope telling the truth doesn't make me sound like a Democrap. Saying Palin is helping this all important campaign doesn't make it true. McCain has been on a steady decline since the end of the convention. Obama is up by 3 to 10 points in every poll. That's huge at this stage. It has gotten so bad McCain had to give up on Michigan and concede that Obama will win there. Now, as it stands, the Democraps can win the Electoral College without Ohio and Florida anyway.

McCain wasn't our best nominee anyway. Heck, McCain is the Democrat! Look at his record. Mike Huckabee should have been a nominee. I guarantee Huckabee wouldn't have chose an embarrassment like Palin. It's not all her fault she is embarrassing herself and the Republican party. It's really McCain's fault for choosing her. She's trying to cram for the Vice Presidency like she crammed for those exams at, what was it, Iowa Community College or something. Uh-Uh! That doesn't cut it.

I'll tell you what the Republicans in my church and my neighborhood are doing to pull together. We're voting for the REAL Republican with REAL conservative values in the race: Bob Barr. He may not win, but we really don't like the choice between the two Democraps: OsamaBama and McCain. Anyone as tight with LiberalLieberman as McCain is nothing but a Democrap trying to hoodoo us true conservatives. By voting for Bob Barr we will pull this party back to the right where it belongs and when we go hard to the right we always win! And we will be laying the groundwork for perhaps a Barr or Huckabee nomination in 2012. Huckabee - Barr anyone? Now THAT'S a winning ticket!

Pull together...Bob Barr 2008...yes WE can, TOO!

Elizabeth Prata said...

"Smameful" Hmmm. Worse that Obama accused the troops of bombing villages. He IS disqualified to be commander in Chief. Shameful!

Palin is a successful Governor and is no more an embarrassment than any other person on the national stage. You don't GET to the national stage by being an embarrassment. Sounds like a Democrat talking point sent around in those endless empty e-mails to gullible liberal robots...

In most polls McCain is even, or only within margin of error behind Obama. It is a dead even race, overall. And why should that be? After 8 years of Bush, the Dems should be running away with the race. I wonder why not? Because there is deep suspicion of Obama, nationally.

Your church? Hmmm. Hope you really go to one. But usually at my church we talk about Jesus, not Sarah Palin.

Barr, Chuck Baldwin solid third party choices.

Time will tell.

Christie said...

"The poll at drudge (independent) show she won. All others are biased. Cnn, Msnbc, Fox."

Really? Seriously? He may be independent as a classification but he's certainly not unbiased.

Beyond all of that, though, I have a friend who professes to have been raised as an evangelical who is making a case <for> Obama. You might find his thoughts at the very least entertaining. If interested, you can find him here: