Thursday, October 16, 2008

Kids ask the darndest things!

We had a review last night at church of our unit about the birth and early life of Jesus. I teach the 1-2 graders on Wednesday nights, and they are the most wonderful kids. One item of huge interest at that age level is teeth. Loose teeth, the tooth fairy, and new teeth coming in. Also how far you can put your tongue between your missing teeth, and how much you can make a loose tooth wiggle. So I finished the unit review, and said, "Are there any questions?"

I love asking kids what they are thinking. They always have reasons for what they do even if what they do seems weird to us. They have methods, usually, and usually are able to explain them if you ask. So I always take the time to ask and I buckle my seat belt for the ride.

I have one boy who is quite a thinker. He is rowdy, inquisitive, sensitive, and loving. He is built like a battery and last night wore a sleeveless tee shirt so he could sport his stick-on tattoos all the way up both arms. He cracks me up every week and his thinking for a 7 year old is pretty advanced. At least on spiritual matters. A few weeks ago when we did the lesson on Jesus' birth, he wanted to know HOW the baby came out. He asked this several times, refusing my usual deflections. I eventually said firmly, "You need to ask your mother." Later I told his mom about the question her son was curious about. We did the lesson on the birth of Jesus 5 weeks ago.

"Are there any questions?"

"So how DOES that baby come out?" I laughed and explained. In the middle of it,

"Is Halloween on Wednesday?" "No." Followed up immediately by:

"What if we sin in heaven?" Then:

"Does Jesus have a last name?" And the little girl next to him said, "Yeah! Like Jesus Crandall?"

"Can we see God when we get to heaven?" The bible says God is spirit. So I don't know.

Other little girl, "O dear! We better watch where we're walking or we may run right into Him!"

"Where does the tooth fairy live? Heaven?" I was firm on this one, "Ask your mother."

How do we GET to Heaven?" I explained about dying and also the rapture. "I want the rapture. I want to avoid death if I can." [LOL, who doesn't?]

"I can't wait for heaven." Why?

"Because then I will have all my teeth!"

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Jeanne said...

Hey, I wish you weren't so anti-Obama.. I almost missed the great story about the missing teeth and the wonderful Danielsville Fair photos..... LOL.