Thursday, October 30, 2008

Halloween in a first grade classroom

I subbed today! In a first grade! And there's no school tomorrow! And the kids had Halloween dress up day, and candy, and party!

Oy, I'm tired!

The kids were good but it was hard keeping a lid on them till party in the afternoon, and they were in their costumes all day getting hot and couldn't move or write or see (Star Wars storm trooper helmet).

We had a boy who was inside a box that represented Noah's Ark with animals glued to the inside popping out...and two Cinderellas, a Princess, two Spidermen, and a Jengo Fett and Anakin Skywalker from Star Wars...I was happy to see one boy was Johnny Appleseed, complete with pot on head and red apple in his hand. One little tyke was a fireman and another was a monkey. One boy was the Grim Reaper. The school had banned the Freddie and the Friday the Thirteenth bloody kind of costumes. It was technically a "Dress Up as Your Favorite Book Character" day

I'm glad there is no school tomorrow.

ALL the teachers dressed up, and I mean way dressed up, with costumes and makeup and the whole nine yards. Of course, I did NOT dress up.

Zachary said, "Mrs. Prata, what are YOU for Halloween?
"I am a Mean Old Substitute!"
"No you're not... We're meaner than you are."

He was sort of right...

I'm pooped. At end of day bus duty, the next door teacher said: "How was your day?"
I said, "I usually go home and have a cup of herb tea. Today I will make it a double."

Happy Halloween! BOO!

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