Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Happy Tuesday

Some random thoughts

I bought a Canon LIDE series 90 scanner and I LOVE IT. The thing is ridiculously easy to use and it scans up to 600 dpi. It's fast, color-accurate, and best of all, only uses a USB cord. No electricity, it plugs right into your computer. The OCR is pretty accurate and it even lets you make .pdfs. It is slim, light, and did I say, I love it? I've been putting up a lot of old photos I have around on 35 mm to my flickr page.

I got a waffle maker from Freecycle recently, and I made waffles for the first time ever yesterday. I feel like a grownup now.

I am letting my hair color go bye-bye. After coloring it for over ten years I decided to dispense with the color processing and time and mess and expense and let it go au natural. My hair is gray, 100%, but I am thrilled to report it is a silvery waterfall dew in the morning sort of gray. My hair is thick and way anyway so the added bonus of a luxuriant variation of a gray color is nice. Here is an article about other women enjoying their gray.

From the Overheard in Athens blog:

Girl: I just finished my first final. The question was "What is life?"
Professor: It's a fine magazine and a delicious cereal.

I didn't say they were big thoughts. Just random.

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