Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Listening, watching, reading

I'm listening to my new Mahalia Jackson CD a friend got me for my birthday, and reading the Australian Courier matter of factly telling readers in a news report today that a global pandemic is inevitable and advises to stockpile food for at least 10 weeks. Hmmm, OK.

I have had this dread about bird flu ever since it came public. It has jumped to human transmission recently, and the number of little icons showing outbreaks on the Havaria Alert Service worldwide map has gone from zero on average to today: four.

A great blue heron has just flown in and landed in our little pond across the pasture. My table is in front of the huge windows affording a front row view of the pasture and pond. They sure are a large bird. Though if I have mis-identified the bird be sure and let me know!

Christmas is almost here. Be sure and remember the reason for the season, our Savior is born, and have a wonderful day.

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