Saturday, December 08, 2007

I'm not blonde, but I should be

The plumbers are working downstairs installing a new bathroom. Plumber comes up, 'Please do not use the toilet for a few hours. Do not flush, I am disconnecting the pipe for a while.' I said OK.

A minute later I brush my teeth. I notice the water is draining slowly. I glug Drano down.

A minute after that knock, knock, KNOCK. 'Scuse, me are you using the water?'


Oh, no, please don't do that. I disconnected the pipe.
Don't the toilet and the sink use a different pipe?
No, is the same. Now it's wet there where I am working.
Oh, no, I poured Drano down too.
So that is the bad smell I was smelling.


christie said...

Hi Elizabeth - Did he walk away shaking his head because that's what I would expect him to do. Poor guy. :)

On a side note, I'd love to add you to my Christmas card list if you'd feel comfortable emailing me your address. My email is I enjoy your blog and hearing from you from time to time and think of you as a friend.

Elizabeth Prata said...

He was a perfect gentleman, apologizing to me for not being specific!

Anonymous said...

Oh man. That poor guy. LOL