Friday, December 21, 2007

National Geo top pics of 2007

The top National Geographic News photos of 2007 are out and I posted the top four. Amazing photography! An amazing earth! With amazing animals! All I can say is, wow.

4. Weird Deep-Sea Creatures Found in Atlantic

A fearsome viperfish, a jewel squid, and an invisible amphipod were among the eccentric animals found in 2007 on a deep-sea mountain range. But the show was stolen by Teuthowenia megalops here—or, as the Cute overload blog called it, Eddie McBlobbules, "the inside-out-seahorse-in-a-ball-nerd of the deep."

3. Bear-Size Catfish, Half-Ton Stingrays Among World's ''Monster'' Fishes
The 7-foot-long (220-centimeter) Mississippi paddlefish shown here are among the world's biggest freshwater creatures—and they're two of the stars of our third most viewed gallery of 2007.

2. Quake lifts Island Ten Feet Out of Ocean

Residents of Ranongga in the South Pacific Ocean sit on a massive coral reef that was lifted out of the sea—along with their entire island—by a magnitude 8.1 earthquake in April 2007.

1. New 7 Wonders vs. Ancient 7 Wonders

From Rome's Colosseum to India's Taj Mahal—see how the "new seven wonders of the world" announced in July 2007 stack up against the original list of ancient monuments. Thousands of National Geographic News readers already have, making this our most viewed gallery of the year. Story here

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