Saturday, December 22, 2007

Movies, and Blogs

I'm watching Time Bandits. The best line in the movie, and the best line I've heard for a long time:

"Oh, no! It's the invisible barrier!"
"Ohhh, so THAT's that the invisible barrier looks like!"

I stumbled upon some new-to-me blogs. PressingTheHerald is one outraged dude, frustrated that the Portland Maine daily newspaper is as careless as it is with the oh, say, the news, the facts, the readers, mundanity...He busts them report by report, story by story.

Another guy doing the same kind of thing is a media High School teacher in central Maine, but doing it Tongue-In-Cheek . The latest post is called "We Regret The Era" a sly, funny, witty pun on newspaper "clarification" posts, not to mention the northerner's accent.

Crazy Aunt Purl is a woman in CA writing about her life. What makes her blog distinctive from all the other middle-aged. divorced women writing about their lives (ahem) is that she is a great writer.

If you like to see fantastic digital photos, they are here.

Surviving After Armageddon might be a little hard, so look up tips up here, where the baking soda post has already come in handy. And it's not even Armageddon yet.


christie said...

That line is great. I've gotta rent that movie in the new year. Must go begin the holiday baking. Hope all is well. :)

Elizabeth Prata said...

Another one I liked was from Satan as he saw his dastardly plan come to pass:

I feel strangely... good!
I'm sorry, Evil One!
Yes. It will pass.

It's not a hugely guffawing kind of movie but it grows on you.

Good luck with baking! It must be a nice scene with Henry alll snugged in and the animals curled up and you adn Darr cooking up a storm. Happy baking!