Tuesday, July 09, 2013

Time for another haircut

Well the hot weather is here to stay a while. It is the heat AND the humidity, for sure. Mostly I stay in and write and read and do a bit of cooking. My cats love snuggling with me. They'll be shocked in August when I go back to school and am gone for 9 hours a day!

Bert has taken to snoozing under the chair I sit in at the kitchen table where I write on my laptop. Luke likes to sleep on the table across from me. Neither of them ask for much, just to be near me. They are good cats. I think the world of them.

On Youtube, my "YesterYearTVShows" channel, they just uploaded a bunch from 1950s, the old show What's My Line. These professions must have been hard to guess!

Sells Plastic Toothpicks
Teaches Philosophy
Sells Kites
Buys Turtles
Baseball Glove Designer
Fish Counter For US Gov't
Paints Fire Hydrants

My hair has turned me into Medusa again, it's time for a cut. Tomorrow when I go to the PO to retrieve my printer ink and send some letters, I'll wander over to Wilda's and see if she can give me a quick cut. I hate the feel of it on my neck. Drives me nuts.

On Youtube I have been watching the early seasons of the 70s show Taxi. That was a hilarious show. I laughed so hard...I think it's funnier than Cheers and really good Frasiers, two other really funny shows. Like belly laughs, the kind that make your whole face scrunch up.

I saw a movie called "The Next Voice You Hear..." starring James Whitmore and Nancy Davis (Reagan) which was good.

What am I going to do when work intrudes on my busy schedule? Well, at least school starts a week or so later this year. Instead of August 1 the kids will come back around August 16. Or sometime. I'll look at the calendar to be sure when it gets closer. Meanwhile, this is going around on Facebook-


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