Thursday, July 25, 2013

My morning walk around the yard was productive

The dew was deep this morning and the air was cool. I love it when the days dawn cooler than 70 degrees, it makes for such a fresh morning. I took a walk around the yard to see what is blooming these days, of course taking my trusty broom with me to ninja-bust the huge spiderwebs. Just as I am invigorated by a dewy cool morning, so are the spiders.

The blue hydrangeas are going gangbusters now:

As you can see, they are huge. And very blue.

The chickens came back. I'd heard a weird sound nearby my open window. It sounded like a baby squirrel being taken, or a child's cry at the playground across the street, but not quite either. I heard it several times, so I got up to investigate. There was a flock of chickens under my window. This group was bigger than the few that had pecked their way across my yard the other day, Apparently they went home and got friends. I grabbed my camera but when I opened the door they scattered from under the window to the middle of the yard, and then quickly made their way to the hay field line and nibbled their way gone.

As I tracked them to the edge of the yard I checked on the fig tree. Some figs are ready! I picked about a dozen good and big ones. They were high up but I had my broom to grab a branch and swing it down. The smaller ones at eye level will be ready any day. I am going to have scrambled eggs with freshly picked figs for breakfast, with a side of blueberry muffin I'd made a few days ago.

All in all, a good morning so far!

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