Friday, July 26, 2013

Eggs 'N' Figs

My new favorite breakfast is scrambled eggs with figs. I am so blessed! A friend who keeps chickens gives me eggs sometimes. Just now I scrambled a fresh, fresh egg with some figs I just picked off the tree in the yard. I scramble the egg with a snitch of milk. Goodness, is that good!

Fresh makes the difference. Sometimes I get tired of getting punk'd with what looks to be a fresh looking piece of fruit at the grocery store only to bite into it and it is hard as a rock, juiceless and pulpy. Ick.

I see the apples on the tree are getting red and later I'll go check the pears. Also grab a few more figs! Fresh, yes, fresh. When it comes to an apple off my tree or an apple trucked in from Oregon, I am all for the local. Not that trucking in is horrible...the availability of items previously unavailable to the vast majority of Americans is tremendous. I remember when Kiwis were hitting the east coast market. Then carambola (AKA star fruit) and then it seemed there was no end to the things the produce aisle would offer.

But still, fresh is better. I am very lucky and happy to be living in a temperate climate and eating local produce. Now pardon me while I go see if the garden tomatoes on my windowsill have turned red yet...

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