Saturday, July 27, 2013

The feline icy stare-down

Here was the scene this morning

I've got one cat on one side of the laptop and another cat on the other side. Both are staring at me. Usually at this time, it's breakfast, but they didn't finish yesterday's kibble. They are not impressed with my statement that as long as they have food in their bowl I am NOT going to give them more food. Their accusatory stare is saying, "That was yesterday's food, numnuts, totally different thing, we're over it..." and they want fresh, and they want it now. I keep telling them that as long as there is food...but their stares just get icier. If I don't show up Aug 12 for work, you'll know what happened...

I lasted three hours. Then I caved.

This afternoon the kitchen was abuzz with me, a-cookin'.

I had cooked half the veggies I'd gotten from the Bountiful Basket I'd ordered last Saturday. This Saturday, I cooked the rest. Bountiful Baskets round two. In the oven- Asian marinated cabbage wedges, roasting cauliflower, carrots, potatoes, peppers, and onions, and kale chips. In addition, making black bean/quinoa patties on top of the stove. That, in addition to some of the fruit I have left, (plums, mangoes, cantaloupe) will be my food for the week.

Yum yum. Monday I'll order another basket and this time I'll include the artisan bread. Next Saturday is pick up. Can't wait to see what's in my basket! No matter what, it will be a vegetarian's dream come true


Anonymous said...

Good for you! You lasted three hours! That takes some real fortitude when getting the hungry animal stare down. LOL!

Who's got dominion over whom? LOL! When we had livestock, I used to say "Hey, I'm supposed to have dominion here!". They never listened though.


KemBlank said...

LOL cats do not want yesterday's leftovers! :D
I had a dog that always demanded the left over people food. She would NOT eat dog food even if she starved to death. I caved after three days. :)