Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Evolution of a digital project

I took a bunch of pictures in Venice Florida years back, with the very distinctive Lomo camera. Like this photo of Venice pier at sunset:

Then I took all the photos in the batch that I didn't like and cut them up and made a wall collage out of them

Then I loaded it onto Photoshop and got rid of the color

I kind of like that better without the color. So then I made a bas relief out of it

Or extruded:

It's fun! I settled on the extrude because it reminds me of a pointillist Mondrian photo of the skyline of NY from bird's eye view.

And that's a digital project!


Wooster said...

aaahhhhhhhhhh!!! That's what it is! I stared at it for good 'lil bit. I thought it was a 3D picture. One that you stare at, then the real picture pops before your eyes. I 'ALMOST' thought I saw something. I've never been good at those. :-) Great idea! I love it. Very modern and fresh.

Elizabeth Prata said...

Thanks Wooster :) The Lomo is an incredibly interesting, Russian camera, made to survive Siberian winters, analog, 35 MM. There is a certain tonal quality to a lomo pic that is unmistakable. It's just the coolest. Click on the Lomography.com link to see what I mean. Thanks for visiting

Never Forsaken said...

I like the bas relief best...It adds another dimension with texture.
Such an interesting thing to do...I think I'll play around with some old photos and creat a collage.
Thanks for sharing ;)