Monday, June 03, 2013

Summer shows begin!

Today is the first weekday of my summer vacation. Well, I was off on Friday but there is something entirely different and delicious about waking up on a Monday morning and thumbing your nose at the clock. Not that I could sleep in. Someone has to teach the cat about summer schedule. Luke, stomping all over my head since 5:00 AM will not get me up but will only make me aggravated. However it did get him his breakfast and that was the point... I have to re-establish who is in charge here.

I've written about my scheduled book reading before but I do watch TV in the summer as well. So I'll put up a list of my favorite shows. I don't watch so much during the year, because I am a snob and I eschew the silliness that passes for entertainment and the depravity that passes for advertising. Not really. I have to go to bed early for work, plus I hate commercials. I'd watch in in a heartbeat if there was something decent, anything decent, to watch. The other practical reason is that somehow in my lifetime the summer and the fall seasons have swapped.

In my youth, the days of three networks plus public TV, you watched the shows weekly from Sept to May and summer was when you went outside and played all day until the streetlights came on. It was all very orderly. If you missed a show, you missed it. At work or school the next day you felt left out when everyone was excited about Barry Manilow or Talking Heads (hey, Manilow was HUGE in the 70s) that appeared on American Bandstand the night before. You definitely didn't want to miss out on the conversation so you better make sure you were around the TV set when Ed Sullivan came on or Disney or Sonny & Cher.

Nowadays with cable, DVR, Twitter, and internet forums,you can pretty much catch up at your own leisure, which somehow takes the thrill out of it. Or not. I like my own leisure.

Anyway, during summer is when the NEW shows come on and it just so happens that I have time to watch them so it works out for me.

Sundays: Next Food Network Star
Mondays: The Glades, Longmire.
Tuesdays: Suits
Wed: Masterchef
Thu: Hell's Kitchen

Three are cooking competitions, one is a show about high-end legal beagles, and two are cop shows. Longmire is by far the best of the list. Walt Longmire is a man's man, a sheriff in the high country of Wyoming undaunted by snow or serial killers or deputies running against him. His perpetual beard stubble proves it.

My summer days go like this: (except for today, I'm already off-schedule)

--Have coffee while reading the news. Everything occurs on my laptop by the way, except for the hour of the aforementioned television shows or when I read a book.
--Listen to a sermon or read the bible, write about said sermon or bible excerpt on my blog. This could take hours.
--Write to a friend who is far away. I send her mail the old fashioned way- snail mail.
--Surf the internet, goof off, binge-watch Netflix shows.
--When evening comes, retire to the living room to read a book, then watch the show.

Repeat, except for Sunday which is church, and the one weekday a week I go "OUT". I go to Post Office, get groceries and scurry back home to do the cleaning. I've greatly simplified my daily routine, so as not to appear to be the crazy recluse that I am. Or pasty-faced computer troglodyte. Or crazy cat lady, take your pick.

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