Sunday, June 09, 2013

My Sunday

My day was so good. I love it and I love summer.

This morning when I awoke, at my own timing, if you please, I ate a boiled egg atop a Greek kalamata homemade slab of toasted bread I'd bought at the Farmer's Market yesterday.

I had a quiet morning with coffee and prayer and reading the Sunday School lesson. Church was terrific, with a good lesson that combined with theology and laughter. The service was wonderful with a substitute preacher preaching about Jonah.

For lunch I made a sauteed vegetable and quinoa stir fry topped with feta cheese. After that, naptime.

In the afternoon I listened to another sermon and read a book about heaven for a while.

In the evening I was relaxing with my crafts. I had run out of greeting cards and frustrated at not being able to find any ephemera at yard sales like last time (a treasure trove of old greeting cards from the 1950s for $2! A treasure find never to be repeated!). I decided to make my own.

Making cards is easy, making envelopes is not. I watched a few youtube videos on how to make your own envelope, and in the end just decided to cannibalize a bunch from my box of left over Christmas cards. I have six months to worry about getting more by then.

I painted, glued, and crafted my way around a new set of greeting cards. I love to punctuate a moment with a friend with a card- for sympathy, get well, or just no reason but to encourage. Who doesn't like getting a surprise card once in a while? I go through a lot of them. I only made a few but I'm looking forward to making more at some point.

Dinner was another piece of kalamata bread topped with tomato slices and feta cheese, and some radishes. I am going to watch Anthony Bourdain in the Andes and then Food Network Star, and probably read a while longer after that.

I don't have to worry about going to bed because I don't have any particular time to get up tomorrow.

I love summer.

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Kem said...

That certainly sounds like a fine day to me. We savor this kind of day because they can be a bit rare. In heaven though, every day will be filled with total joy. :)