Tuesday, June 11, 2013

It's hot, so the cats...

Today was the first day the temperatures went to 90 degrees, with real feel even higher. So I turned on the window air conditioner. This was the scene prior to turning it on:

This was the scene three seconds after I turned it on:

Okey dokey then. Once again they claim the best spot in the house

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Never Forsaken said...

Smart cats.
Reminds me of that old commercial where the guy walks into his apartment to find his dog spread out in front of the air conditioning...He calls him a good dog!
~Can't remember what the product was though...?
Michigan is still on the cooler side with temps slowly climbing upwards to a muggy 80 today. It is nice.
Both of my dogs got a cool bath and are splayed out upon the kitchen floor...they are mostly indoor dogs and will climb onto the bed as soon as the fan gets turned on...they're no dummies!