Friday, June 28, 2013

Shabby chic and Sheldon's chair

We're rolling into the hot weather of July, before we get to the dog days of August. That means temps in the 90s and the AC never turns off.

It also means the end of leisurely mornings. If I want to get anything done, I have to do it early. I left this morning at 8:40 for the drive to the grocery store while it was 78 degrees and when I got home it was 88.

The Dollar store continues its practice of never catching up with the price increases. More often than not, the price on the shelf sticker is at least 5-25 cents lower than the price as it rings up. That may not sound like much to you but I get paid once per month and I budget down to the nickel. I also do not get paid very much, so I budget down to the penny. Plus, it's false advertising. I don't like that.

I kept $$ aside some for the Farmers Market tomorrow, I can't wait to get some artisan bread and some fresh fruit.

I plan to make quinoa with fresh orange slices and craisins and pecans. Also, a tomato salad with feta and basil, and cantaloupe and banana smoothies.

I got a new chair at a friend's yard sale. Well, new to me. She is moving, and needed to get rid of as much as possible. She is the cleanest person ever, so I knew I would not have a problem like Penny did on Big Bang Theory with the live thing in the chair, as Sheldon had wisely warned.

Here is Sheldon relaxing in the chair before he knew where it had come from.

Here is Sheldon leaping out of the chair when Penny announced she had got it off the street. That would be me.

So back to the clean lady: here is the chair. It is a wingback in a lovely pattern of peacock. The cats had been used to the blue club chair that was in that spot for five years. It had turned into "the cat chaIr." I moved their chair from the living room to the bedroom to make room for the new one. The new one will be "the human owner of the apartment AND the cats chair."

I left the ottoman for them, but I don't want them on this wingback chair. I placed the pillow of doom atop. Heed it, sleepy felines!

However the cats are not happy. They can get on the bed. On the blue club chair. On the ottoman. On the couch. On the TV table. On the desk. The only place they cannot get on is this new chair, so of course that is all they fixate on.

 Nothing matches but maybe that is what shabby chic is all about. I hope.
The bedroom is spacious and the addition of the blue chair into the room doesn't overwhelm it or crowd it. All I need is a small footstool to go with the chair and I'll be all set.

I love a mid-century modern club chair. The blue one is not that chair. THIS is that chair:

That chair rocks!

OK back to my real life and not the chic life I live in a loft with mid-century modern furniture and a Persian rug...

Things slow down a lot around here for the week of the 4th. It is a ghost town at the grocery store and church and every other place. Not even any teachers are scooting into their classrooms to set this up or arrange that. People are just...gone.

They all go to the beach. That means either Myrtle SC or Destin FL, both of which are hot but fun. Some people go to the mountains, which is great too. Me, I'm content to stay here while they all go. It's quiet and I have my grumpy cats who are flabbergasted I had the gall to change something in the apartment, lol.

I am planning an intervention for them this week to help them recover their senses. That's going to be my holiday. You have a happy week ofthe 4th!

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Never Forsaken said...

That is a lovely pattern on the chair. I have a similar chair in my bedroom, it is very comfortable.
Your little home always looks very comfy and cheerful...It's probably because you surround yourself with things that make you feel good, and not just stuff to fill the spaces...Shabby Chic works well that way.
It is very clear that the love of Jesus fills both your heart and home, and that makes it a happy home.