Monday, June 10, 2013

Some stuff I made last night

I mentioned that while I enjoy giving a card to someone for get well or sympathy or encouragement purposes, and that I'd found a great box of vintage ones at a yard sale, that by now I was on the last dregs at the bottom of my stationery drawer and no new yard sale finds are yielding up more cool vintage ones- so last night I made some. They are bad, I was only half-heartedly painting, while watching American Masters Johnny Carson, but I dare to post them so the more artistically advanced can laugh at my juvenile results. I know someone somewhere need a good laugh...

The large one in the group is a piece of fancy paper with a piece of tissue paper glued over the front. The one with grapes is a sewn card, I adhered the fancy grape paper by using needle and thread.

As I laid out the cards this morning I noticed the predominance of the semi-circle. I don't know what's up with that.

The one on the right is the worst card- I was going for a Tuscon sunset over cactus look but it only ended up spotchy.
I think I did a better job 9 years ago (here). I had fun though!

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