Friday, June 14, 2013

Cleaning, coffee, and clouds

Strong storms in GA last night left 100,000 without power.

Fortunately our area escaped the worst. There was some lightning and a few rolls of thunder and rain, and that was all. By 8:00 the sky looked like this:

I cleaned my coffee pot today. I had to wash it through with vinegar four times, and use a knife to get the dried coffee off the burner. Hey, at least it wasn't a chisel.

I swear if I was to get this place as clean as I wanted it, I'd need a crime scene crew to do it. 

1 comment:

Never Forsaken said...

I need to clean the coffeepot!
Thanks for the reminder.
But first the kitchen sink is stopped up, so I am taking care of that right now...AHH, isn't life great!
~God is great=Life is wonderful!~