Sunday, February 10, 2013

Winter break ahead

We are getting a hard rain here now. I don't mind. Up north they are still digging out from the terrible blizzard, and right now in neighboring Mississippi they are experiencing a terrible tornado outbreak.

I like the sound of the rain on the awnings and the coziness of being snug and warm inside.

We have a short week ahead and then a four day weekend. It is a kind of mini-winter break. It is kind of weird to call it winter break with temps in the low 60s this week. My heating bill for January was only $44. Not that I am complaining, mind you.

Two of the four weekdays, Wed. and Thu, are half-days with kids. Not for us, but they go home at noon. Sometimes having a shortened day actually ends up being more hectic, but overall I like them. The short day is because teachers are having conferences with parents. I get to get caught up on all my work and some cleaning up of my room and helping other para-pros clean their rooms. As a para-professional (teacher aid) I don't have to have parent conferences, something I really hated when I was a teacher. LOL, now I get to hide.

I was due for a haircut last Friday but I got sick, and this weekend I was too lazy to budge from my humble abode to make a foray to the hair cutting lady down the street. I know I will really regret that laziness tomorrow when I have to tame my hair onto something resembling non-Gorgon like.

I think for the long weekend I will have a change of pace, and write, study, and read. I am laughing because that is all I ever do on my off time. And I love it. I would not have it any other way.

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