Thursday, February 14, 2013

Of jammies and kid art

Happy Valentine's Day! Mine is great. Why? As a wise friend asked today, "Is it wrong to live for the next time you're going to put on your jammies?"

No, indeed, it is not!

I love putting on my comfy clothes when I get home. I have some soft sweat pants with fleece inside, and some old shirts that have gotten frayed at the collar and sleeves but have worn down to a fine level of softness. It feels so good to take off the work clothes and slip into my jammies!

I'm especially excited because this is the start of a four day weekend. We have "Winter Break" and that means no school Friday or Monday. Woo-hoo!

Valentine's Day is a huge deal to little kids. The kindergarten kids were so excited all day to pass out their Valentine cards and to have their little party. I received a couple of Valentines I did not expect from some kids in another grade I have to discipline fairly often when I am on general cafeteria duty. But they were so sweet to think of me! It makes their little gift all the more precious.

One kindergarten girl I work with drew a picture for me. She drew it on a 2X2 piece of spiral notepad paper and carried it all the way from home to school in a loaded bookbag, without getting it wrinkled, and gave it to me as she walked up the hall at first bell, holding it out and waving it like a pennant. I love her drawings. They are sophisticated line illustrations that remind me of artist Annie Vallotton. You can learn more about the fabulous Vallotton here. My little gal, and she is only 5 years old, draws using lines that for all their seeming simplicity, evoke movement and emotion. This is what she drew for me today--

Now I ask you- is there any better of a Valentine's Day present a person could get? No string of pearls or tray of candy or dinner out could compare to the care and consideration of a little girl's simple line drawing of love.

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little artist said...

that is very sweet. it looks as if they are holding hands and smiling at each other and she drew a nice heart for a five year old.