Saturday, February 23, 2013

Quinoa stuffed peppers

What a wonderful day! It was cold and rainy but that did not deter me one bit. I straightened up and prepared a wonderful breakfast. I don't know which I enjoy more: Friday night collapse in front of the TV, or leisurely Saturday morning brunch. Both, I guess!

I made a scrambled egg with cheese, home fries and rosemary artisan bread toast with homemade blackberry jam. Coffee with French vanilla cream. Sound wonderful? It was!

I love to clean up the kitchen while listening to a lecture or a sermon. It gives my brain freedom to listen while my hands are working. Today I listened to the third-to last lecture in a 72-part series on Spiritual discernment.

After cleaning up from breakfast, the kitchen-fest continues. I like to cook a bunch for the weekend and the beginning of the week. Today I made sauteed yellow squash with onions and tomatoes. In the oven I placed a pan of red potatoes and a pan of carrots and corn to roast. And best of all, I tried a new recipe. This one was stuffed peppers with quinoa, feta, raisins, onions and nuts. yum, yum, it came out better than I could have thought. It tasted wonderful! Here is a photo:

Friday as I led the kindergarten kids to their place where they get picked up to go home, one boy was telling me that he was excited to be headed to Toys R Us after school. I exclaimed that was indeed a fun trip. Then he said that they were also going to Babies R Us. I said, "Is there a baby in your family?" He said "No,  that's where you go to GET a baby."

Tomorrow is supposed to be 67 degrees and sunny again. That will be nice. But you know what? Every day is nice. It's all good.

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