Monday, February 18, 2013

Spring walk-around in the backyard

It is a cold but very clear day here in GA. The sun feels warm, though! Though the air is cool, bracing even, the sun's strength warms me to the interior of my bones.

I took a stroll around the yard. The pre-spring stroll, looking at winter's waste and ravage, and seeking little signs of spring. Here is what I found-

I bought this little birdhouse at the end of summer last year at a yard sale. No one has moved in yet, but this is the prime time for birdies looking for a new home. If I could boil cinnamon inside, an old realtor's trick, I would, to entice any mama bird to move in!

The ole planter is shooting up one daffodil. I think it's a daffodil...

Boo! Three crows on the lookout for whatever it is crows look out for.

The lilies look so cute. Wait! What's that spot of yellow?

Let's get a bit of a closer look--

An interloper! Is that a daffodil which has crept in among the lilies?

The sunlight was streaming through the thick magnolia leaves.

There was a moon in the blue

Don't take anything for granite! Har har har. Actually, the granite picnic table and benches have sunk a bit lower into the ground and the crack in one of the benches has grown a bit larger. But I still love the table.

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little artist said...

I enjoy your pictures. I wrote in your blog last summer about a picture you named a rose and I believed it was a gardenia. Just now found your blog again and am trying to catch up.