Sunday, February 17, 2013


I don't have a sense of smell. I have heard that smells trigger memories. For me, it's the sounds that trigger them.

I was thinking tonight of a sound in my grandmother's house. There was a 6-cup Pyrex coffee pot that was always on the stove, which was always on.

The gas made a tick-tick-tick sound or maybe that was the pot on 'low' flame. Either way, I used to love it when the house was quiet, and I'd sit in the kitchen and hear the tick-tick-tick and see the low flame under the pot. People visited my grandparents quite often. There were always visitors, so there was always coffee.  Even when there weren't visitors, coffee was always on. To me, the coffee pot represented life, because where there was coffee there were people, and the flame was on and the kitchen was warm.

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The Irish Lady said...

I have similar memories of the same coffee pot and still have it. Occasionally, I get it out and have a cup off coffee, a smooth blend, nothing like the dark harsh coffee from the popular coffee house we all know and I avoid. I enjoyed your blog. Thanks for sharing. The Irish Lady