Saturday, February 16, 2013

Frost a-coming

I know I am going to regret this...but I was supposed to get a haircut two weeks ago, and I didn't because I was sick. As I recovered I consoled myself with the notion that there was always Winter Break. I decided I'd go on Friday or Saturday. Ahem, that's yesterday or today.

Of course my hair resorted to looking the best ever the last two days. It is all white, and it is positively glowing, curly and soft. I know that I know that I will lament the fact that I am passing over the chance to tame it until at least Tuesday...but it is very cold and very windy out right now, and I just don't feel like moving from the comfy gas fire and the quietude of the apartment.

There. Now that I have written this, my hair will, I am sure, collapse into a straggly mess and I will look like Gorgon Medusa again.

The temps tonight are supposed to plummet. (I can never hear the word plummet without thinking of Monty Python's flying plummeting sheep.)

Combined with the whipping winds, the wind chill temps will go down to single digits. Brrr. And to think that just yesterday I was wandering around the yard in my socks, picking wildflowers. But that is Georgia for you and that is why I love it.

On the upside, maybe I'll get some new frost pictures. Here are two from 2008:

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little artist said...

you remind me of myself. I have to be in the mood to get a haircut and when it hits me I want one right now!