Sunday, February 03, 2013

Norovirus stinks

At school, we received an all-staff email alerting us to the fact that a case of Norovirus had been found at one of our District schools. We were advised to wipe down surfaces with Lysol or bleach and to thoroughly clean our keyboards.

Maybe I didn't do that fast enough, of maybe it was already too late for me, but by Friday evening I was sick.

And I mean sick.

I haven't been this sick in 30 years, which was the last time I threw up. It was all that I remembered it NOT to be.

Norovirus is the 'cruise ship' virus, or a virus that presents like the stomach flu, but isn't. It is a small virus that ravages the intestinal system and lasts 24-72 hours. One may be contagious even after that, however. Worse, the bug stays alive on surfaces for days and even weeks. It takes a good few minutes of standing bleach to kill the virus on any surface like tables and doorknobs etc.

The virus is extremely contagious and passes through food that's handled by someone who has the virus, and may not even know it. Or from touching surfaces that an infected person touched. The virus stays alive for a long time on even hard surfaces. I look at my table at school where I sit with the kids now quite differently. Ew.

Jerry Seinfeld's non-throw up streak lasted a mere 13 years. Child. Mine lasted 30. The last time I threw up was December 16, 1983.

Do what you can, friends, NOT to get this highly contagious and very hardy virus.

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