Wednesday, June 01, 2011

"Please do not disturb the duck"

This duck knows a good thing when she sees it. From Bangor Daily News today:

"Nesting duck at Home Depot attracts attention"
BANGOR, Maine — Debbie Currier looked a little bored as she shopped the lawn and garden section Tuesday at The Home Depot in Bangor, until she turned a corner and saw something afowl. “You’ve got to be kidding me,” said Currier. “Am I really seeing what I’m seeing?” “We get that a lot,” said Brenda Hatch, who works in Home Depot’s lawn and garden section. Surrounded by hostas, impatiens and Miracle-Gro potting mix sat a female mallard atop a nest containing seven eggs. The scene — cordoned off by strips of yellow tape and overshadowed by a sign that says “Please do not disturb the duck” — represents an unprecedented chance to see a nesting duck from only a few feet away, but if you want to touch her you’ll have to get through Hatch first. Hatch feeds the duck every morning and brings her water twice a day. In the morning, the duck sometimes follows Hatch around as she waters plants and restocks shelves. Sometimes when Hatch goes too close, the duck puffs up and starts breathing hard. And once in a while, the feathered fowl lashes out, nipping Hatch with her bill."

More at link. LOL, journalists love puns. And the clerk's name, "Hatch" is just too cute of a coincidence. The duck thing is so cute! The Bangor story reminds me of the famous children's book "Make Way for Ducklings," also a New England story. "Make Way for Ducklings is a children's picture book written and illustrated by Robert McCloskey. First published in 1941, the book tells the story of a pair of mallard ducks who decide to raise their family on an island in the lagoon in Boston Public Garden, a park in the center of Boston, Massachusetts." That book won the 1942 Caldecott for the illustrations. Now if THAT doesn't make you feel old, I don't know what will.

I hope when the ducklings at Home Depot hatch that they find their way all right. Then the customers will really have to say 'make way for ducklings!'

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