Monday, June 20, 2011

Bert and Luke, the incomparable companions

My two cats could not be more different. One is a tiger and the other is a black and white. The tiger is Bert, and the b&w is Luke. Bert is so named because he sounds like a bird, making little noises all the time.  Not wanting to all him "Bird". I settled for Bert. If I say his name just right it sounds like he sounds. Luke is vocal but not as much as Bert.

Bert is sleepy and Luke is alert. Bert looks like a football meatloaf, an Luke is skinny ad wiry. Luke and smart and Bert is...well...let me give an example

Sometimes a flying bug of one kind or another gets into the house. This excites both cats. What indoor house cat doesn't love to hunt! It is not the same as hunting a bird or a mouse, but hey, a moth will do! Luke and Bert will scramble their little legs and leap tall lamps in a single bound, charge over the mountainous couch, and land on the coffee table plains of Africa in moments. Well, Luke will. As Luke invariably catches the moth, eats it, wipes his paws, and goes back to sleep on his towel, Bert is still back at the couch, looking at the last place he saw the bug. He will riffle the pillows. He will look under the throw. He will sit and stare, in his lumpy way, for 10 minutes, 20 minutes convinced the moth will emerge any second, never allowing the thought to cram into his tiny brain that the moth is digesting in the now-slumbering Luke. The other night I put him out of his misery - and mine - by literally moving all the pillows and the throw to show him that no moth lurked.

Aw, Bert, I luv ya! Even if athletics and brains escape you, you're mine all mine!

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MTVA said...

It was such fun reading about Bert and Luke! What would we do without our wacky and lovable pets?! They all have such unique personalities and habits. I have 3 cats, and occasionally dog-sit for family members on vacation, and love every minute of it. However, the cats are always very happy when the Big Pups go home again!